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If episode three was all about the ambulances, this Sunday’s effort – the fourth of the new series, no less – is all about, well, the cars.

As you’ll see from this official trailer, Episode 4 features such luminaries as BMW’s i8 super-hybrid, the Merc-AMG GT, the new M3 and, of course, an old Land Rover on the side of a very steep dam.

If you’re in the UK, Episode 4 will hit your televisual devices at 8pm on BBC Two, Sunday 15 February. If you’re not in the UK, it’ll, um, probably arrive some time soon. Check your local schedules etc etc.

Looking forward to this one? I know I am

(from topgear.com)

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It’s amazing how much you can fit into a Golf. They’re quite small but have a Tardis like ability to swallow household items. A feature that came in handy that year.

As the housing market started to improve I began to investigate some options. My job required me to be near an airport in Europe. Ideally in the UK, France, Germany or Sweden so I would be near to at least one major customer. Living in rural Hampshire was lovely but I wasn’t meeting anyone to spend my life with and without any dogs it was a lonely life. The list was  narrowed down to; Manchester, a fun city and if I lived within site of Old Trafford I could lose my ‘Plastic Manc’ title and see United play on a regular basis. London, I’ve always (more…)

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