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Hawaiiversary 2013

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Where did you go my drive, my need to write? For the last couple of months I haven’t written anything. Nothing on my blog and even worse I haven’t touched my book at all.

Well the truth is that I have been busy. Too busy to empty my mind enough to be creative.

The last few months have been used to plan my new life in Germany and wrap up things here in California. My mind has been using all of its capacity to plan and none to write…

I always hated those  people who talked about being in the right ‘mind space’, I always considered them pretentious. But (and this is a huge but) I never thought I had it in me to write and once I started I soon found that I had to clear my mind and get away from distractions in order to fully focus myself and be creative. I had to stop being an engineer and get into the right mind space … Yeah I get it now.

I’ll be back soon!

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It’s amazing how much you can fit into a Golf. They’re quite small but have a Tardis like ability to swallow household items. A feature that came in handy that year.

As the housing market started to improve I began to investigate some options. My job required me to be near an airport in Europe. Ideally in the UK, France, Germany or Sweden so I would be near to at least one major customer. Living in rural Hampshire was lovely but I wasn’t meeting anyone to spend my life with and without any dogs it was a lonely life. The list was  narrowed down to; Manchester, a fun city and if I lived within site of Old Trafford I could lose my ‘Plastic Manc’ title and see United play on a regular basis. London, I’ve always (more…)

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I was travelling from London to Helsinki when a very lovely Australian girl sat down next to me.

Among my many friends that travel for work we liked to joke about the odds of getting a ‘hot girl’ next to you. Typically it would be a huge sweaty man. So when she sat down I felt it was only right to start a conversation.

She was a journalist from Australia, travelling to Finland with her mother (more…)

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Time to be sensible…ish


I had been through some really bad times and looking back this was close to the bottom (but not quite there!). It was the consensus of everybody around me that I needed a holiday, so I decided to head for the sun. I booked myself 10 days on Gran Canaria in a nice hotel with an infinity pool.

initinity pool Waterfall

I spent my days sleeping by the pool and my nights drinking in an Irish Bar watching Football and listening to live music, alternating between long nights of too much Guinness or too much Jack ‘n’ Coke.


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Anaphylactic Shock in Finland

The single best advice I can offer to anyone looking to buy old cars is to get them inspected or learn what to look for. The Landrover was a good solid car, with a very good diesel engine (is that an oxymoron?). It was a bit slow but pulled well, it was noisy and dirty and it’s door needed slamming (until I fixed it) but it served it’s purpose very well, (The beauty of a slow car is that you learn a lot about conservation of speed. I terrified my Mum on more than one occasion (sorry Mum!) hurtling along at speeds that it wasn’t built for) plenty of space for the dogs in the back and happy to plod through any mud we encountered (much like my Golden).

A typical walk...

Sadly it was during the time I owned the Disco that my beloved Golden gave up his fight with cancer. (more…)

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An easy decision

Land Rover Discovery 300TdiThe choice of dog car was really quite easy. I had considered a Mitsubishi Shogun Mini for a few minutes but my thoughts always returned to the same car – A Land Rover Discovery. Very few cars are better off road and of all the SUVs available only an old Land Rover Defender carried more credibility in the countryside. It was old and slow and had some issues, but it was a good solid car for weekend dog walks and it’s simple mechanical design made DIY maintenance an option; something that was good for the bank balance and a rewarding way to spend my free time.

My Dad likes to remind me of some of the issues we had working on it; (more…)

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