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Top Gear’s Clarkson, Hammond and May making show for Amazonhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-33715671

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A friend recently shared a post on Facebook that annoyed him. The article was criticising photography and saying it had no place in a gallery.


I was totally shocked by this article.

Yes I agree that art is subjective and everyone has a right to their opinion, but to say that photography doesn’t work in a gallery is ridiculous.

In my opinion a lot of modern art is overly hyped and not very good. But people like it, so it has its place.

Work such as that done by Mattew Wardle could never be considered flat, soulless and stupid.

Go and check out his work:



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Remind me: Why did I leave this place?


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And Finally….

Crashing the Sentra came at a price; I had to choose a car that The Wife wanted or at least liked. To put that in to context, The Wife is the reason I am here writing a blog… let me explain.

I’m that guy who walks down the street and comments on every car he sees;
“God the Fiat 500L is a mistake, (more…)

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Football’s coming home….

Three Lions

It’s a well know fact that every two years the British media manages to get a large percentage of the nation to believe in something completely ridiculous. Every two years we allow ourselves to dream, to hope, to believe. Despite all evidence to the contrary, we manage to get excited, think the unthinkable. This time it will be different, this time we will defeat the odds and win a major tournament. Every European Cup and each World cup we experience the ridiculous belief that we will win…..

….like we did in 1966. (more…)

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Oil be alright…

City by the bay

The BMW M3 was a good decision…. but my heart had been in control and definitely not my head. As I cruised around the extremely steep hills of San Francisco I started to hear a buzzer. A few sharp turns later I noticed that the buzz was accompanied by a red light on the dashboard…. the low oil light. “Oops” I thought to myself and headed straight to a gas station.

A few quarts of oil later (more…)

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