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and another:

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according to wikipedia this is one of the Fiat Giardiniera’s:

K or Giardiniera (1960–1975)[edit]

The estate version of the Fiat 500 is the longest running model. The engine is laid under the floor of the boot to create a flat loading surface. The roof on this model also stretches all the way to the rear, not stopping above the driver and front passenger as it does in other models of the same period. The K also features “suicide doors” and was the only model to continue to sport this door type into the 1970s. In 1966 production was transferred to Desio where the Giardiniera was built by Fiat subsidiary Autobianchi.[1] A total of 327,000 Giardinieras were produced, later examples having Autobianchi rather than Fiat badging.[1]


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Firenze Street


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showing off can be expensive… a.k.a. oops!


Porsche’s 918 Spyder is an 887 horsepower monster that starts at $845,000. Let’s just say this car attracts… a certain type of buyer. And this shirtless guy in St. Tropez definitely fits the bill.

With his model-looking friend in the passenger seat, Mr. 918 tried to peel out in a parking lot full of people to show off. After narrowly missing a few people walking through the parking lot who would have been seriously injured at the very least had they been hit, the guy slammed into a tree.

We’re not sure how it could possibly be any more satisfying.

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