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I found the drive on “Ultimate Drives” top 10 list.

Hahntennjoch / Vorarlberg / Austria

“As you turn onto the Hahntennjoch pass, you just feel it’s going to be something special. Surrounding peaks are tall, but not so aggressive (like some of the central Swiss Alps where you can become dizzy looking up). Tarmac is near perfect (typically Austrian) and that’s exactly what the run to the top is.

The initial climb to the “official” start of the Hahntennjoch pass is quite tight, with some scary drop offs. It’s a green and beautiful valley with a fair number of lay-bys on the way up to stop and admire the views. This stretch is also a little busier as it serves a couple of towns in the lower valley – but thank heavens for the run over the top caravans have been banned, that’s one less concern! –

Ultimate Drives

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Somewhere in the Alps……

A lake, some mountains….

AudiTT + Mountains

a quick car…


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Jaguar XE details



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They claim it will give 75mpg and outperform it’s competition due to it’s light-weight aluminium Chassis.

Jaguar XE Details

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