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My darkest hour

Okay it wasn’t really my darkest hour or even close to it, but it felt pretty bad at the time.

After driving the Jag for a year, my wife and I decided it was time for some budget cutting. She had gone full time as a student and we were living in the city. One of the most expensive cities in the world, so (more…)

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Football’s coming home….

Three Lions

It’s a well know fact that every two years the British media manages to get a large percentage of the nation to believe in something completely ridiculous. Every two years we allow ourselves to dream, to hope, to believe. Despite all evidence to the contrary, we manage to get excited, think the unthinkable. This time it will be different, this time we will defeat the odds and win a major tournament. Every European Cup and each World cup we experience the ridiculous belief that we will win…..

….like we did in 1966. (more…)

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Oil be alright…

City by the bay

The BMW M3 was a good decision…. but my heart had been in control and definitely not my head. As I cruised around the extremely steep hills of San Francisco I started to hear a buzzer. A few sharp turns later I noticed that the buzz was accompanied by a red light on the dashboard…. the low oil light. “Oops” I thought to myself and headed straight to a gas station.

A few quarts of oil later (more…)

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