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The answer to “What car will I get after the Jeep” just got a lot more complicated…

I had been thinking that it would be BMW 5 series or a Jaguar XF, but with Alfa coming back to the US and suggestions like the new Gloria coming out then it might be a tough choice (although saying I drive a Gloria might be weird)……


From AutoExpress:


for the full article: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/alfa-romeo/62826/alfa-romeo-gloria-revealed



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Nice view from my hotel…


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Chicago at Night


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Which is your favourite 911?

Which is your favourite 911?

Autocar would like to know which 911 from the past 50 years is your favourite?

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Dreams can come true…

Every small boy grows up with a dream. For some it is to be an train driver, for others an astronaut. Many dream of fast cars and aeroplanes and have toys and posters to celebrate their loyalty. My plane of choice was the Hawker Harrier and for my brother it was the Tornado.



Models of the two were used for many mock dogfights, hours of imaginary fun and arguments over which was better.

We also disagreed when it came to cars. (more…)

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New Forest or a lake?


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2994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V8

We settled in to life in New Jersey. Molly got fat, Jessie sadly gave in to her fight with renal failure and Barney… well he was Barney.

Barney was the kind of dog who was happy wherever he was. From the day he came home to live with me he was happy. I’m not saying he wasn’t trouble and if you have ever read the book (or watched the movie) “Marley and Me” then you already have an insight into the kind of dog he was, but he was a happy dog. He loved to meet people, he bounced when he walked and was always smiling. As a puppy overall he had eaten the front panel from a car stereo (back when they were removable), a safety razor and a pop sock (that’s a knee high for the American reader). At dog training classes he was a complete and utter nightmare… Until the end of each session where he would show to the rest of the class that he could perfectly follow the instructions that I gave. He was the kind of dog that you could take to motor races and converts. I even took him to the Red Bank 4th of July Fireworks without any problem.

Saturday was the fourth anniversary of his death. I still miss him. He was special.

But I digress…


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