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Move to the USA part 1…

In the January of 2000 I had an interview in New Jersey.  I hadn’t been interviewed for a long time and breakfast with the VP of Engineering had gone well but I had known that the rest of the day would be tougher. The first interview went well with a friendly Irish guy, who asked simple questions and set me at ease. I was feeling better… until his final comment as he walked out the door “they sent me in first because I was the easy one!” returned me to my nervous state.

Two more interviews and then my host suggested we should grab some lunch. We picked up another guy and headed to the Mall. “I recognise you, you’re the guy form the website aren’t you?”. My host started laughing and the new guy just shook his head. Apparently it was a sore point, (more…)

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Wheeler Dealer…

Mercedes190ECar 7 was a fantasy, an ambition, something that I had always wanted to try. My friend the dealer had taken a tatty looking Mercedes in as a part exchange. It was missing hub caps, had a horrible cheap body kit and a hole in the drivers seat. Now I might not have mentioned this before, but I’m a bit of a dreamer and to me I didn’t see a dirty sad old car, what I saw was a pretty, graceful solid old Mercedes which for was asking to be returned to it’s former glory, begging. A small amount of effort was all it would need to be returned to its former place at the classy end of the automotive world and maybe even return a small profit. Some hub caps, an original bumper and some cleaning and I could easily clear a $500 profit!

Well to cut a very long story short, (more…)

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January Sunset Over San Francisco

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Powerful Sky

Dramatic Sunset


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Economising in style…

images-2After an autumn and winter of trips up the M3,  in the February of 1998 I decided that I needed to free up some cash and the single largest item that I could sell (I needed a house so that wasn’t an option) was my car. So it was time to visit my friend again…. (more…)

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On Boxing Day we visited some friends in Del Mar. For those of you that don’t know Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and is celebrated in the UK, Canada and Australia (and maybe other places) and the most convincing story that I have heard is that it was the day that household staff put food in boxes so that they could enjoy a day off with their families without the Gentry starving to death.

Just before sunset we took a walk along the cliff and I snapped a couple of shots with my phone (yes, I forgot to take my camera with me!)

Dusk at the Beach


Sunset over the Pacific

Sunset over the Pacific



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Motoring Con Brio

We’re loving these shots of Top Gear mag’s road trip across the States (avoiding Interstates!) in a Focus ST— *this* is the way to see America.

The car isn’t important so much as the journey, but if one were to do this classic coast-to-coast trip in any car, we imagine the newest king of the hot hatch mountain makes as fine a choice as any.

An aside: did Ford issue press vehicles in only this mustard yellow?

Click here to see the rest of it.

(Hat tip to Stipistop!)

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