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Picnic in the Mountains


The picnic had been a great success. It had been Ben’s idea to meet in the middle of nowhere at a quiet picnic spot he’d come across one Sunday last Summer while out for a drive. The venue was quite spectacular, located towards the bottom of a meandering valley it was part picnic spot and part viewpoint. The car park was large and only ever full in mid summer when the tourists were out in force. Today the roads were deserted, it was the first warm day of spring and few had ventured out into the wilderness yet.

Ben and Sarah lived miles apart but shared a love of driving fast cars. Meeting at this spot had allowed them to enjoy a superb drive, good food and each others company, all in the solitude of a beautiful, quiet corner of the world. They both felt relaxed in each others company…

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First job and my first great car…

During the 1980s the two cool cars that I wanted were the Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 and the VW Golf GTi. I tried very hard to convince my mother that she should buy a Golf. It offered everything she wanted; solidity, reliability and fun,  but despite all the logic I could offer she was still reluctant. She had a bad experience with a rusty Mk1 Golf and refused to see sense so she bought a 205.


The Pug GTi was a great car, not as relaxing as the Golf when you didn’t want to play, but quicker and more nimble. I remember taking it for a hack across the New Forest to my favourite “twisty bit” of road. My Dad had introduced me to it whilst driving home after buying a Fiat 500. (more…)

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During the second year of my degree I had to spend three months in France. Around the same time petrol had become expensive and I received a car insurance renewal that scared me, maybe it was time to buy something a little cheaper to run. It was time to buy a Mini. With my brothers help we located a 1275GT. I don’t recall the reasons, but we decided to keep the Escort so we stored it in my grandparents garage and I started using the Mini. (more…)

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Clearing Storm


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The university years….

In June 1991 I completed my A-Levels and all I wanted in life was to become a Radio Engineer for the BBC. It was a small dream… that was shattered after a day trip to London and a very bad job interview.

The BBC didn’t want me, I had no backup plan and the UK was in recession. So being the responsible type, I went off on holiday with my girlfriend.

My Dad, being the awesome and responsible type, spent the time I was away contacting Universities to see what options I had. He felt that with no jobs available my best option was to stay in education so that when the economy turned I would be in a good position.

What’s this got to do with cars you ask? Well I’m getting to that… (more…)

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In the beginning….

Like most people, I started driving at 17 and like a lot of people, my first year was spent driving my Mum’s car. First up a Talbot Samba, which doesn’t deserve any additional comment, and then a Renault 11 which had a scarily loose back end with the tendency to let go mid corner without any notice, then just as you caught it swing violently back the other way. I learnt a lot about car control that first year… (more…)

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