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and now a Scion FR-S




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Sutro Tower in the fog

Sutro Tower in the fog

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Twin Peaks in the fog

Twin Peaks in the fog

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“we’re growing, we’re growing up, to radio musicola” Nik Kershaw sang in 1986.

“you can find it in the streets you can find it in the elevators you can find it where the ladies wash their hands it emanates from littleboxes on the wall and it’ll soon be coming in disposable tin cans”

Music has an amazing power to transport you to a different time or a different place. It can make you smile for no reason while walking down the street. It can make you walk taller or with a bounce in your step. (more…)

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Subaru BRZ

I wanted one of these before I saw one in the metal. Today I saw my first one and I was right – awesome and only $25k!




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I was very confident that my next car would be a Jeep or a Ford….. but then a friend told me about Volvo offering free servicing… which started me thinking…. I’m spending about $1500 a year on my old golf so maybe a new car would be cheaper?

While I was thinking I started looking at who offered inclusive servicing; Volvo, VW and (as I discovered yesterdat) BMW.

BWM include 4 years / 50000 miles:


and if you pay them $2k they will extend it to 6 years / 100k miles. Now I admit I haven’t owned many cars for more than 1 year, but maybe it’s time to grow up?

A nice X1 would be a sensible option. Even the X1 sdrive28i will get to 60 in 6.2 seconds and offers 33mpg highway (my golf gets 25 – so thats another $100 per month saving) and will fit a dog!

So maybe I have found my next car…. and with the fuel and service saving it will only cost abut $250 per month….. now if I could just find a house to buy!




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