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I want one….

and that’s all I have to say!

Lyonheart K



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a bit about me…

what a bonus…. two posts in one day.

I promised I would talk about my car history, so here we go a quick summary which will get expanded individually over the weeks:

1. Opel Kadet 1.2, White, 1983 (European badged Vauhxall Astra Mk1) My first car, and in my head an Astra GTE….great fun and NOT a mini (which was important at the time)

19893-1984 opel kadett gt-e 3 door front

2. Ford Escort 1.6L, Black, 1986 – My dad bought me a sensible car for my commute to college, it was actually fun and reliable and most importantly cheap!


3. Mini 1275GT, Blue, I forget the year I think 1976 but I’m sure my brother could tell me… I panicked about car insurance after getting 6 points on my licence, but actually they made a mistake on the quote and I went back to the Escort and the Mini was left to Rust in Piece at the family Mini graveyard (aka my brothers house)


4. VW Golf GTi, 1.8i 8v, Graphite Grey,1989. Two amazing years of fun, it’s a car that you can throw into a bend and come out smiling on dry roads, wet roads and even in snow. Predictable and flexible. Always a blast.


5 BWM 520i, Black, 1990


6. Audi GT, 1.8i Blue, 1986. same engine as the Golf – what a great torquey, flexible lump!


7. Mercedes 190E 2.0 1984, Silver – remember the car that a blew up? well this was it!


First car in the US –

8. Saab 900SE Turbo, Red 1994


9. Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.2 V8, Gold,1997


10. Porsche 911S, 2.7, Silver, 1975 – I promise to right more about this one later!


Back to the UK –

11. Audi 80 Avant, 2.0E, Brown, 1994?


12. Saab 9-5 Estate, 2.0 turbo, Green, 1992 (which I drowned in a ford!)

Copy of DSC00142

13. Saab 9-5 Estate 3.o V6 turbo, Green, 1993


14. Mazda RX-8 230, Red, 2003 – A great car, one of the best I have owned


15. Land Rover Discovery, Tdi 300 1994


16. Jeep Cherokee 4.0, Green, 1998


17. Alfa GT 1.9 jtdi, Grey 2004 – remapped, awesomely quick for a diesel.


18. VW Golf GTi 1.8T, Silver, 1999 – I always love a golf! always more fun than the numbers say


Back to the US –

19. BMW M3 Convertible, Silver, 1999


20. Jaguar XKR Convertible, Silver, 2001 (I really don’t like silver cars, but I seem to have owned a lot of them)

Jag (6 of 24)

21. Nissan Sentra, 1.8S, White, 2002 – I got married and sold the Jag. Technically this wasn’t my car but I did drive it for 4 months…. right up to the day I crashed it (sorry P!)


22. VW Golf GTi 1.8T, Silver, 2000 – sound familiar? yeah I said I liked Golfs. There really aren’t many affordable cars that are fun to drive, seat four, quiet at speed, reliable and easy to park in the city (and that my wife would approve)


23… 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee (updated 12/06/12)


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Ford have a checkered history.

The model T was an amazing creation, the old Thunderbird a classic but during the 70s and 80s in the US and 80s and 90s in the UK they turned out some very average and in many cases turgid cars (the 80s Mustang, the 90s Escort as great examples). They have managed to make some great cars in that time, especially the fast Fords such as the RS2000 and several Cossies, but overall not great.

In the 00s in the UK they started making great handling cars that were fun to drive, even the last of the Escorts was quite good, but in the US they have remained pretty average.

Now here we are in 2012 and they seem to have finally got their mojo back! The latest Explorer is a good looking SUV that by all accounts is also good to drive, the EDGE is a fine looking crossover and the current Mustang is finally producing the kind of power that you would expect from a modern day pony car.

Later this year they will also have the all new Fusion. It’s a great looking budget sedan (saloon in the UK) if you look quickly you will assume it’s an Aston (honestly – google 2013 Fusion and tell me you disagree). It has a turbo 4 cylinder engine for good performance and good economy (which actually matters in the US these days!) and independent rear suspension. This is the next Mondeo so you know it will be a great drive!

I look forward to driving it later this year….. is it time to buy Ford stock? Maybe….


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Where to start…..

I have owned 22 cars (so far), and I have loved most of them. I guess that’s a reasonable number for someone who has been driving for 21 years. A future post will list them.

Some were bought for necessity, some to solve a purpose, some for fun and one due to a romantic notion that I could improve it… (it blew up)

The reason I started this blog is this: every single day I see a car and decide I need it! It’s perfect and would make my life better.

I’m sure some days I will just mention a car others I will fill the screen with poetic prose singing it’s praises (maybe).

Anyway, today…….

I really need a 2003 BMW M3 Convertible! Well actually two hours ago it was a Jaguar XK followed by a BMW Z4…. you see this is my problem. I start looking and then dreaming and then…. I start to be slightly practical so money rears it’s ugly head and I end up thinking about a car that I could afford.

Another reason I am writing this is because my poor wife (who has zero interest in cars) is fed up of hearing about them. On that note I have to finish this first post because she is home….

to be continued…

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